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Glass Electric Kettle - Beautiful and Elegant


Glass electric kettles are popular in the market now. Our factory has mainly sold glass water kettles for many years, regardless of appearance and quality, they are deeply loved by consumers. Glass electric kettles have some key features.


Electric kettles are diverse, and different materials have different characteristics. Among them, the electric kettle made of glass has a more beautiful appearance, a visual water level line, and a night light. Materials in contact with water are safer and more reliable, without pollution or safety hazards. In our busy lives, you have a great-looking kitchen tool that can enhance our quality of life. Glass water kettle play an indispensable role in kitchen appliances, because the addition of this tool greatly improves people's work efficiency. At Ustar, glass water kettles have diversified styles, and customers have more choices.


The glass electric kettle is made of a safe material, which is high borosilicate glass. The company makes glass jugs with strict product standards and quality requirements, using safe plastics for plastic parts. We use high borosilicate glass with safer and more stable performance during production. Compared with ordinary materials, this kind of glass has better thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance. During the boiling process, impurities in the material will not be precipitated due to high temperature, and the performance is very stable.


Since most of the current electric kettles are made of high borosilicate glass, people can clearly see it during its working process, which can effectively solve the curiosity of many people. Another design is also very interesting. After the power is turned on, a very dreamy blue light will appear, which makes the waiting process no longer long, but becomes a daily enjoyment. Of course, this is not available in other materials, and it is exclusive to glass materials.


We provide customers with various customization options for glass electric kettles, including customization of packaging, customization of manuals, power supply stickers and other accessories, etc. Also, customers can request designs in different languages. If you have a favorite design or idea and want to design it on the kettle, of course it is also possible. Only present the finished design you like for you.


We constantly upgrade our services, control the quality, and attract customers with high-quality glass kettles. If you have any interest in our glass electric kettle, please feel free to contact us, thanks!



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