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Electric water kettle is diverse, and different materials have different characteristics. The main materials are stainless steel and glass, which are safe and sanitary to use. In addition, the electric water kettle is beautiful in appearance, rich in color, diverse in design, with visual water line and night light. The materials in contact with water are safe and reliable without pollution or potential safety hazards. In our busy life, you have a beautiful kitchen tool that can help solve many problems. Electric water kettle plays an indispensable role in kitchen appliances, because the addition of this tool has greatly improved people's living efficiency. In Yousdas, the electric water kettle has various styles to meet the different needs of customers.



The electric water kettle is made of safety material, which is food-grade stainless steel 304 or borosilicate glass. The electric water kettle produced by the company has strict product standards and quality requirements, and the plastic parts are made of safety plastic. We use food-grade stainless steel 304 material or borosilicate glass, which is safer and more stable in use. Compared with ordinary materials, these two materials have better protection for human health. During boiling, the performance of the kettle is very stable and will not be easily damaged.


Yousdas has been focusing on the sales of hot water bottles for more than ten years, with high professionalism, and has helped home appliance sellers in more than 20 countries. Our classic products can be seen everywhere in the market, and our new products attract the attention of old and new customers. In any case, you can try our products, which can open the door to a new world for you and gain large quantities and long-term customers.


We offer various customization solutions for electric water kettles, whether it is packaging or manuals, power stickers and other accessories we can meet. We also support designs in different languages. If you have a favorite design or idea and want to design it on the kettle, of course it is possible. We are committed to presenting only the finished design you like to you.


We constantly upgrade our services, control the quality, and attract customers with high-quality glass kettles. If you have any interest in our glass electric water kettle, please feel free to contact us, thanks!



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